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Websites for learning technology contain large amounts of what could be considered public domain information. Many terms are defined by accepted meaning as they are used by technology professionals, based on established standards of an industry or trade organization. The presentation of the material, as well as additional dialog to help understand various terms, has been done by the webmaster. In the context of "fair use" the information on these pages can be reused, however, "fair use" does not allow for wholesale redistribution, or re-use of the pages themselves.

In discussing a variety of topics beyond the text book term of technology we have very carefully used quotes of other people to illustrate ideas, as well as added the author's personal perspectives to illustrate ideas of other people. In some cases, the work as it appears on these pages has been modified, edited, or in some enhanced by the author's personal perspectives to add some value to the material beyond simply re-stating definitions.

In areas where the ideas being expressed represent the personal experiences of the author, brief quotations of specific material is allowed in the context of "fair use" as long as proper credit is given.

Regarding the use of art work and generic clip art on our websites, legally licensed source material or in some cases public domain clip art has been edited and modified specifically for use on the site. We try to use as much original clips as possible. When a public domain photo is used in its original form the origin of the work is noted whenever possible. All photographs, unless otherwise stated, are based on public domain works edited specifically for the website, or they are the personal property of Tom Peracchio and may not be used without consent.

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The purpose of this notice is to my stance very clear regarding the use of the pages as they appear on this site. Unauthorized reproduction, redistribution, or re-use of any of the pages of "the World of Questy" and "the Guru 42 Universe" websites is illegal, not to mention rude. If you have any questions on any sources for information, clip art, or photos, feel free to contact Guru 42 via social media.

Reflections by Webmaster Tom Peracchio

If you ever need an opinion, it's good to ask if the person giving the opinion has experience on the subject. You'd be surprised to find out how many "experts" are giving advice on how to do something they haven't really ever done themselves.

I have been active online since the 1980's and the early days of bulletin boards and online services. I have been using the internet as a communications tool since it went commercial back in the mid 1990s. The Guru 42 Universe websites evolved from the personal lessons learned by Tom Peracchio as a field service technician, systems administrator, and community college instructor.

Your experiences may vary, and are relative to your needs. We don't claim to be an expert, but hopefully the Guru 42 Universe can help you in some way by stirring up some thought and giving you some ideas to research for yourself.

The all encompassing footnote

The following footnote was included in my introduction on the Geek History website. I thought I would add these remarks here as well as a general footnote for all the websites in the Guru 42 Universe.

There is so much on the internet based on myths and legends. As I researched various topics for the Geek History website I found various "famous quotes" that were used with no context to the circumstances of the remarks quoted. Anytime I read a statement made by a website or blog that does not appear to have first hand knowledge of the subject I follow up on it. I can assure you that anything I have written that is not from my personal first hand experiences is based on verification of facts from a source as close to the events and individuals as possible. When in doubt I have researched multiple sources of information from leading publications or references.

Some people question how much of the internet is a place that documents history, and how much of the internet is a place that writes and recreates history. Many events that are myths and legends become accepted as fact on the internet because they are repeated over and over, even if no one can cite the original source.

Computer Networking and Systems Administrator, Geek History Enthusiast.

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