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A Universe not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous Universe whose boundaries are that of imagination.

The Universe starts here with a discussion of the power and responsibility of using technology wisely.

The Guru 42 Universe was created to stretch your mind beyond the buzzwords and fanboy geek speak, to see things in a different perspective.

Since 1998, the technology websites of Tom Peracchio have attempted to provide self help and tutorials for learning basic computer and networking technology concepts, maintaining the theme, "Geek Speak Made Simple."

Many of the ideas and inspiration for the websites of the Guru42 Universe date back to Tom's personal use of desktop computers and online services back in the 1980s. Tom began actively speaking and writing on both business and technology issues since before the internet was widely used by small business. Exploring PC telecommunications and its role in business lead to Tom's first article for a regional business journal on how the average business could use Computerized Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) as a tool for customer service.

Lets get cynical

Some people might say that being cynical is to criticize others without having anything meaningful to say.

Well, that would be wrong.
Cynics question the status quo, they don't blindly follow the majority views. Cynics poke fun at the absurdities of life to see things differently.

I'm not here to take sides in an "us versus them" argument I am here to stretch your brain to see things from a different perspective. No matter what your destination, or puzzle in life, don't get hung up on thinking there is only one way to approach it.

Computer Networking and Systems Administrator, Geek History Enthusiast.

Stretch your mind beyond the buzzwords and fanboy geek speak with the Guru 42 Universe.